How to dine out for less

Having a lovely meal out is a great way to catch up and unwind with those you care about.Haven't you noticed food always seems much nicer when it's being cooked for you! More people are spending a large portion of their disposable income on dining out,thanks to there being more interest in various cuisines and probably because it's enjoyable too! I'm sharing some tips that I use to still have a wonderful meal without it costing the Earth.

1.Take advantage of restaurant vouchers 

There are some great sites that offer brilliant deals on eating out, and they definitely help cut the cost.Just print them off and take them along to the restaurant.It's always best to check that the location you're going to is participating,but you shouldn't have a problem.The vouchers vary but often you can get up to 25% off! Sites I would suggest are Money Saving Expert and Voucher Codes,they are normally kept very up to date with the latest deals

Here are my top picks;
30% of main courses at Zizzi (Victoria and Earl's Courts restaurants excluded)
25% of your food bill at Loch Fyne (valid until 31st March)

I'd definitely sign up to your favourite restaurant's newsletter as they often send their customers their latest offers and news via email! 

2. Try to recreate the meals at home

I know that this post is about dining out,and I'm no Delia Smith,but it can really save money.Also, expanding your cooking knowledge and giving your family something you've made can be a great confidence boost! Sometimes there is nothing nicer than sharing something you've spend time over.Normally go for a curry? Try to make a Chicken Tikka. More of a pizza person? Why not buy a pre-made base and top it with whatever you fancy?

If you're trying to save even more money,there are some great sites that help you think of what to make out of all of the items you have left over in your fridge.My Fridge Food does just that! Just click on what food you have and it will create delicious recipes for you.It's a great way to stop food going off and buying what you don't need.

3. Save money on drinks and share food

We all know how much a good meal out can cost! One way I've found that really helps to cut the bill is by asking for a glass of tap water to drink.I know it's not the most exciting thing,but restaurants can charge £4 + for a nice glass of wine or a soft drink.Also,if you're out with someone else,why not offer to split a pizza? I've done that before and just got my own portion of chips.We left full and still with quite a bit of money left over for the evening.

Using these simple tips has really helped me free up some of my money for more important things.I know what it's like when you can't spend much,so I hope this helps people have a great time out for less!

Do you have any tips on saving money when dining out?


  1. As a student, I love love love vouchers!! they are the best way to save money! I use them with everything from takeaways - online shopping xx

  2. I'm with you on that! Also,on your birthday,it never hurts to mention why you're celebrating.I've ended up with free cake before :).I've never used them with takeaways really,but that's a great idea and a good excuse to buy one haha.xx

  3. me and my best friend went out for a meal the other night, which is a rare treat, we wandered around comparing prices and settled on don marco in manchester, it was delicious! I paid the tip and she paid the rest as it was a nice little treat from her :)


  4. Aw that sounds lovely! It's definitely best to work out where gives you the better deal,great tactic.xx

  5. I've gotten myself a Taste card, which can get you 2 for 1 meals or 50% off the whole bill - highly recommend it! x


  6. I've heard people mention them before! That sounds like a great deal,I'll have to check it out :) xx

  7. I always love Slug and Lettuce on a Monday night as all of their food is half price. My friends and I went for a meal (2 courses) and ended up paying around £7 each!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  8. I'll def. check out the My Fridge Food website - it'll be interesting to see what it makes out of the sometimes bizarre combinations left over in my fridge...!

  9. Wow that's really good Laura,I'll have to check out the Slug and Lettuce,their food always looks lovely! They normally turn out really well Kat,it's surprising what you can make out of nothing.xx


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