My Liebster Award

I'm very happy to receive this Liebster Award from the lovely Ashlie of Plumptuous Pretty,who can be found  here.I think these are a great way to get to know your fellow bloggers and support them!

There are a few little rules.
1.You must link back to the person who nominated you.
2.You must state 11 facts about yourself.
3.You must answer the 11 questions given to you.
4.You must nominate 11 others,and set 11 questions for them to answer.
5.You can't nominate the person who nominated you.
6.You must tell the people you've nominated them,so they can take part!

11 facts about me

1.I am very skilled at picking things up with my toes.
2.My favourite colours are duck egg blue,grey and lemon yellow.
3.My worst habit is eating in bed,and leaving crumbs everywhere.
4.I was born 3 months early.
5.I have a lower back tattoo,which I got when I was 18.
6.I always have to be doing something,boredom drives me insane.
7.I'm a country bumpkin
8.My ultimate dream is to become a mum.
9.I absolutely love cats,as most people do!
10.I often think about space,the sea and the mysteries of the world.
11.My favourite perfume is Juicy Couture and I've used it for years.

Questions from Ashlie (Plumptuous Pretty)

1.What is your favourite fictional character and why?

I would have to say the B.F.G by Roald Dahl,he is so kind hearted and brings joy to the children in the film,and the ones watching it! I always wanted him to send me good dreams.

2.What is the main reason you started blogging?

I used to regularly read blogs and it looked like they were having so much fun.I thought,why not take it up? It's a great opportunity to meet other like minded people and find out great information.

3.What is your favourite day of the week and why?

I'd say Sunday.It's really quiet in village where I live,and it's a lovely time to go for a walk in the countryside.It's really peaceful,the only people you meet are a couple of dog walkers.

4.Favourite TV series growing up?

The Simpsons.Some of their jokes went over my head as a child,but now I find it even more entertaining.I liked the characters and I always thought American TV shows were cool.I used to watch it every weekday evening on BBC2 at 6pm (aah the late 90's.)

5.Favourite season and why?

Autumn definitely! I love the leaves changing to beautiful golds and browns,and the opportunity to drink hot chocolate and wrap up in warm jumpers.

6.Favourite junk food?

Pizza.It's got everything I could want from a meal.Carbs,meat and cheese.I never eat thin crust,deep pan all the way.Always pepperoni or four cheese.

7.What does a perfect Sunday consist of?

Breakfast in bed,Disney movies and a hot bubble bath.Anything to help me feel nice and relaxed!

8.What would be your dream holiday?

Where to start? I'd have to say Disney World in Florida.I've always wanted to see Cinderella's Castle and do all of the tourist stuff (I'm a big kid.) Also, Florida is a great place to swim with Dolphins,and that's been a dream of mine for years.

9.Who is your favourite person?

My lovely husband.He has been with me through so much,and always supported me 100%.It's great to have someone to face the world with.

10.Favourite hair colour,and favourite hair colour on others?

I'm biased but I do like brown hair,especially when it's lovely and shiny (which can be mine,when it behaves!) On other people,I think ginger hair looks really striking.

11.What is your favourite word?

Serendipity.Not only does it sound beautiful,it has a lovely meaning.I definitely believe in chance and strokes of luck!

My nominees

1.Annabelle from Annabee Beauty
2.Lucy from xolucy
3.Leona from Oh! Leona
4.Lucy from Pretty Little Things MCR
5.Michelle from Life Outside London
6.Lauren from The Beautiful Good Life
7.Ellie from Vanilla Moon
8.Kristen from Every Beauty Talks
9.Sophie from The Sopho Diaries
10.Kendwy from Mind of Kiwi
11.Helen from The Lovecats Inc

I love reading your blogs and would love to know more about you! Here are your questions.

1.What is your favourite number and why?
2.What does your dream house look like?
3.What do you think is at the edge of the Universe?
4.Can you juggle?
5.What's the most unusual food you've ever eaten?
6.What has been your worst haircut/style?
7.What's your most used word or phrase?
8.How would you describe your style?
9.What type of music do you like?
10.Have you every met a celebrity?
11.What would you tell the 10 year old you,if you could?

I'd love to see your answers! xx


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