Poundland bargains // £1 Minnie Mouse polish review

I'm obsessed with everything Disney related,as I know lots of people are.I don't enjoy paying their prices though,it seems that anything with the Disney name can retail for twice as much as another brand.That's why I'm so happy to see lots of their products in Poundland at the moment.I also love buying more polishes than I need,and at only £1 I can justify that!

I picked up this beautiful Minnie Mouse polish in "Red".Not a very inventive name,but the packaging is so cute that I don't mind.I found the short brush made it really easy to apply and the formulation wasn't too goopy (technical word.)

I would definitely recommend this to someone who want a simple but pretty nail polish for a good price! They did have a few other pastel colours too,which I think I'll have a look at another time.It didn't smell too strong either,which I think is a bonus as some polishes really have that chemical smell to them.

This is after 2 and a half days and I'm terrible at nail care,so I'm pretty impressed by it's staying power.If you regularly use hand cream and apply top coat I'm sure it will last longer.Looking at them,I wouldn't say that it was a true red,they look more of a orangey red to me.Or "blood orange" but I can't say that or "oxblood" without feeling like a pretentious twit.

What polishes are you wearing at the moment?


  1. I found so many nail varnish treasures in my Poundland - "caviar" mani set, nail stamping plates, Sally Hanson and some really cute nail stickers! It's a totally overlooked place to get some name brand supplies!

  2. I've always wanted to try the caviar nails but I worried they'll go everywhere.I know,why pay twice as much to get the same thing right? I've also noticed Revlon and China Glaze polishes there recently too :) xx

  3. Your blog design is truly beautiful! Varnish packaging is adorable, intrigued to see the pastel colours :) xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  4. Thank you very much! Poundland is definitely doing well on the make up front right now :) xx

  5. I love anything Disney too, I just did a blog post on my Disney trip too XD
    But this colour looks lush and the packaging is so cute :D


  6. I'l have to check that out! I know,I think I need to get the whole set haha.xx



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