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I love these tags! This is the 2nd one I've done now,I received the Liebster Award which also had great questions.You can find my answers to that here.On on to this one though,I've loved reading people's answers,so I'm excited to get started!

To join in with the Blog Your Heart Out tag,you have to answer 5 questions and then tag 5 bloggers who will do the same.

1.Who/what encouraged you to start blogging?

I'd have to say my love of sharing things with people.If I like something (or hate it!) I love telling people about it,and sharing our opinions and experiences.I think it's a great way to learn new things,and even better ourselves as people.Also,I have read blogs for a long time! I love reading snippets of people's lives and I thought I could do that.

2.How did you choose what topics to blog about?

I decided to start a lifestyle blog as I wanted the flexibility to talk about the things that were interesting me at any particular time.My mind tends to go of on a tangent,and lifestyle blogging suits the way my mind works! Sometimes I get a bit of writer's block which can be frustrating,but I just chat to other bloggers and scribble in my notepad until an idea comes.

3.What is something most people don't know about you?
I pray in difficult situations even though I don't practice a religion.It gives me strength and a moment to focus and collect my thoughts.

4.What three words describe your style?
This is a hard one! I'd say comfortable,casual and evolving.I particularly like mixing feminine looks with more grungy type clothing to create different looks.

If we're taking about blogging,I'd like to think that I was quite an organised and I do like to work hard at it! I can waffle on,but I'll get there in the end.

5.What do you love to do when you are not blogging?

I love to travel,learn new things and do housework! Strange I know,but there is nothing nicer than a sparkling clean house.

The bloggers that I tag are;

Stefanie at Casually Awkward
Freya at Norse South
Jessica at JessicaCasillasx

I've had fun answering these questions and I've hope you've enjoyed reading them.I'd love to hear your comments.I'm looking forward to hearing their answers!


  1. aww thanks for tagging me! I have done it :) http://jesscasillasx.blogspot.co.uk xx

  2. No problem! I will pop over now :) xx

  3. It's always lovely to find out more about the person behind the blog :o)
    M x Life Outside London

  4. I agree! It gives you more of a face to put to the name :) x

  5. Looks like Liebster awards >_<



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