Discount dining // Tastecard free trial

I've been hearing so many great things about Tastecards that I thought I would check it out for myself.I'm always on a quest to save money,so I opted for a 30 day free trial before I commit myself to paying £79.99 a year.I wasn't too sure what they were to be honest, so I had a browse on their website (here) and it all looks very exciting.

Tastecard is a diners club,where members receive 2 for 1 discounts or 50% off their food bill for presenting their card at the restaurant.I tried booking a meal through their website,and I found the whole process really easy and quick.They have a large directory of restaurants that you can search through, and when you've found the right one for you, just ring up as you normally would and say that you have a Tastecard.It only took about 5 minutes and now I have a lovely meal booked for us on Monday that gives us a 241 meal offer.

I found their website really easy to navigate and you can also have the restaurant details sent to your phone. Great for people like me who have a terrible sense of direction. Tastecard comes across as a very customer friendly and innovative company,which is refreshing!

The only downside is there is some restrictions,but then I can understand that as they still want to run a business after all! You can't use your Tastecard around peak times like Christmas and other holiday events,but if you eat out regularly this would be a great way to save some money.I suppose it's kind of like paying some money up front to ensure discounts in the future,like an investment!

I'll reserve my judgement until next week and I can see it in action.For now though,I'm pretty impressed! I really like the concept and I think it's a great idea to help people have a wonderful experience for less.

Have you ever bought a Tastecard? What do you think of Diners clubs?


  1. love taste card - and now they'll send you a £29.99 offer to join for a year!! :)

  2. Wow I didn't know that! I was thinking signing up and that has persuaded me even more.It's definitely worth it.x

  3. I've never tried it as I was never sure if it would be worth it but it does seem like you get some good discounts from it!
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  4. I hope it's going to save some money! :) I will do a review.xx


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