How Parsley tea has improved my health

I always try to take my vitamins when I remember, I think they're a great way to support my immune system and give myself nutrients that I might be missing out on in my diet.I was browsing around online and I noticed a lot of people talking about the benefits of drinking Parsley tea.It's a bit strange isn't it? The only encounters I have with Parsley are when people garnish triangle sandwiches with it at buffets! I decided to give it a try, people where saying that it helped regulate their periods and provide essential nutrients to the body.

Before I start,I would like to mention that you shouldn't drink Parsley tea if you have high blood pressure,Kidney disease or Edema.It is very important for you not to drink Parsley tea if you're pregnant as it can cause birth defects or an abortion.Breastfeeding mothers should also not be drinking Parsley tea.I'm not a Doctor,and don't claim to have much medical knowledge,I'm just sharing my positive experiences.Any serious concerns you may have should be discussed with your Doctor.Anyway! Onto the story..

Whenever I get stressed my periods can become a little irregular,so a few days beforehand I scooped two teaspoons of dried Parsley (you could use fresh) into a cup and topped it up water.It didn't smell very nice,it reminded me of grass but I put a little sweetener and took a sip.It was perfectly fine,definitely not my nicest cup of tea but I was willing to try it.The science behind it is that Parsley is a mild emmenagogue which is a fancy word for saying that it helps the Uterus to contract and to stimulate the shedding of the lining and promote blood flow.I wasn't to sure about this but I gave it some time.

During my little experiment I drank about 3 cups a day,I was even beginning to enjoy the taste.I started experiencing some mild menstrual cramps a couple of days before I was due to start my period,and it came right on time!

Obviously this could have just been my body having a regular cycle but I was very pleased.I definitely had more symptoms of my period arriving and it was one of the most regular periods I'd ever had.Parsley also contains the Vitamins C,A and Folic Acid,it even has chemo protective properties that can help to neutralise carcinogens.It felt great to be drinking something that has so many health benefits.I also noticed that it helped to reduce the water weight during menstruation,and it helped my skin have a healthy glow to it!

I'm very happy with the results and I will definitely be continuing to drink Parsley tea.Who would of thought that the common household herb would help this much?

What tips do you have to help with "that time of the month"?


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