Primark & New Look haul

In my previous post,I wrote about how I popped into Exeter yesterday,well this is what I bought!I was pretty impressed with Primark's offerings, there were lots of dresses,which is great for me because I haven't worn a pair of jeans since about 2008! I really admire those girls who wear cute denim shorts and skinny jeans,but they are just not for me.I did find some awesome pieces though!

I had been umming and aahing about this dress for ages,I love the colour and this was the last one in my size,so I thought i'd get it whilst I could.It's perfect for Spring/Summer,but I could also wear it in the Autumn with thick tights and black boots.I think I'm going to get lots of wear out of this.There were lots of other styles on offer and they were all £5,bargain!

This dress really caught me eye! I think it has a touch of Taylor Swift about it,I think I'll try and channel her style by pairing it with some Converse (well, Primark's own Converse.) It's really comfortable and it has sleeves,which is great as you never know what's going to happen with the weather in England.It was reduced to £5 from £8,as were a lot of things,so if you're after some new clothes to update your wardrobe,i'd go soon!

This wasn't from Primark or New Look,but I was so pleased with it that it was definitely worth mentioning! I walked past an "everything £5" clothes shop called Limelite.I debated whether or not to go in because some parts of the shop looked a bit unfinished (maybe they're a new shop?),but I managed to pick up this lovely printed jumper.It's very cosy and feels like it's well made,in Topshop you might pay four times as much for a similar jumper.I'm going to wear it with a little dress and tights for those chilly days.

I've been searching for a travel mug for ages,and this was just what I was looking for! I love everything about it;the polka dots,the cute quote and the gorgeous coral colour.This was £5.99 from New Look,which isn't too bad as it's quite sturdy and should keep my tea nice and warm.

P.S According to their website, if you bring your own mug into Starbucks,they will give you a 25p discount!

I hope you enjoyed my little haul.I was pretty impressed with Primark this time,and I think they're upping their fashion game even more.I do want to branch out a bit more and try shopping around a bit.

What shops would you recommend for cheap-ish and fashion conscious clothing?


  1. I need one of those cups Kim! H&M for me. Not a fan of Primark, it's not the clothes.. It's the queues they serious need to sort online shopping! Xx

  2. I tested it out tonight,not a drip of tea was spilt.I would recommend them.I agree,the amount of times I pick out the wrong size too! I've been in H&M a few times and it has some lovely clothes :) I'll have a closer look next time. xx

  3. Loving the travel mug!! So pretty, the love heart dress would definitely look great with your styling idea too! xx


  4. Thanks! I drink lots of tea,so it'll definitely be worth the money.I'm in love with that dress,I'm waiting for the right place to wear it haha xx


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