Graze Box // March 2014

 When this lovely brown box landed at my front door,I was so excited to take a peek inside.Graze is a snack delivery company that offer a wide range of sweet and savoury treats.They can become fairly expensive, as they are £3.89 each,but different delivery options give you the choice to order fortnightly or push back boxes to another date if you're on holiday.I've ordered from Graze occasionally,but I thought I'd take advantage of their first box free deal,let's see what I've got.

I like that they're in portable little boxes,and I find the portion sizes to be just right.I'm pretty happy with my selection,you can influence what you receive from Graze by going to their website and clicking "love" or "bin" on their snacks.

Smoky Gazpacho dip (with wholemeal crispbread slices)
I've yet to try this,but it sounds really good.I've got more of a sweet tooth,but I think this would be an interesting alternative to crisps.I like the crispbread to dip ratio too,I don't want to end up with the same issue that I had as a kid when I ate Dairylea Dunkers and not have enough dip to go around.

Summer berry flapjacks
I love anything that has oats in it from porridge to Hob Nobs,so this looks perfect for me.It says they contain " berry infused" cranberries which sounds very fancy,I hope that it's a fresh and realistic tasting berry flavour,unlike some flapjacks which can have an artificial taste.

Billionaire's Shortbread
I had this yesterday and it was lovely! It's an interesting mix of milk chocolate,almonds,cranberries and fudge.It kind of reminds me of that "trail mix" that is so popular in America.I also found this pretty filling due to all of the healthy fats in the nuts.

Inspired by Jaffa Cake
I really enjoyed these too,just the right amount of orange flavour made them taste very similar to Jaffa Cakes.The chocolate tastes nice and rich,and I think it's quite good quality.The roasted hazelnuts added good texture and crunch so it felt quite substantial.I wish you could buy big bags of these!

I like that Graze is an informative company.Inside their boxes there is all the information you could want to know about your snacks.Also,they often offer really good discounts and deals that you can pass on to your friends.

I have a friend code that means you can get a Graze box for free! It's KIMW9141E.

Have you tried Graze boxes before? What do you think?



  1. Mmmm this looks super tasty! I need to start being more healthy with my food haha.
    Great post :)

  2. Thank you! They're a good option :) especially if you're out and about a lot. x

  3. I've never tried a graze box but I have colleagues who have. My problem is that I fear it would encourage me to eat when I wouldn't normally.

  4. They're portioned out so I find that helpful in regulating when I eat.Maybe try having them around for those hungry moments? The nut mixes can easily be added to porridge or flapjacks. x

  5. I had it this afternoon,and it was lovely.The berry infused cranberries tasted fancy,as I expected! haha

  6. I've never heard of those boxes! I'm a big fan of the tea box, I don't know if you know about it! x

  7. A tea box! That sounds amazing,I'm going to have to have a look at that,anything to get more tea .x

  8. I've been a "Grazer" for a couple of years now - I love getting home to find the brown box on my doormat and can't wait to crack it open! I've managed to turn about 3 of my colleagues on to it and we always compare out latest deliveries!

  9. I agree,it's great that it takes a lot of the hassle out as well.There creating a new box at the moment too I think.xx


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