Follow me around Exeter!

Today has been a successful day.There was no rain,and Exeter was blissfully quiet.Not to say I don't like crowds,I just like being able to move without being run over by 3 prams and an elderly man.I don't normally go to Exeter,I've always gone to Plymouth,but I fancied a change.People are always telling me how swanky and pretty it is,and I haven't been in years.We got the Park & Ride,which I would recommend as a great way to save money (you park for free and then pay a small bus fare which goes right to the City Centre.)

By the time we got there it was about lunchtime,searching around we saw lots of restaurants like Strada,Carluccios and Ask Italian,but it can get pretty expensive in there.Instead,we decided to head down to Debenhams to their cafe (which is great because I can smell the perfumes on the way!)

I had a Chicken Kebab flatbread which was surprisingly nice.The only experience of kebabs are normally have are of the late night kind! It was also a really reasonable price (£4.99) so I had more money to go shopping! After a sit down admiring the views,I thought I'd go for a wander and take some photos.

If you love history,Exeter is a great place to visit.It has a lot of ruins and old architecture to admire.This used to be an almhouse (a house for the poor) which I believe was built in 1458.It got bombed in 1942 during the war,but It really made me think about what might have happened here.It looks so bleak and ravaged now,but I'm sure it was bustling at one point.

I couldn't leave Exeter without taking a photo of the Cathedral.The carvings are so ornate and beautiful,the size of it really makes you feel small! I thought about going inside but you have to pay £6 per adult which seems quite expensive.Nevertheless,it's a pretty place to visit.Lots of people sit on the green next to it and have picnics in the summer.

This chap caught my eye as I thought he had a look of springtime about him.The flowers add a beautiful pop of colour to an statue I wouldn't normally look at twice.Apparently he was called Richard Hooker,and he was an important priest and theologian in the 16th century,the more you know!

I did actually manage to pick up some bits and bobs,although Primark can always be a bit hit and miss.I didn't spend too much either,which is a bonus! I always go in wanting a specific thing,and then leave with 2 things,none of which I actually went in to get,never mind.I'm going to do a haul tomorrow and show you all of my lovely purchases.

Where do you go when you want to take pretty photos?


  1. Central London is beautiful for taking photos and wondering around. Covent garden is one of my favourite places but no matter where in Central you end up you can find amazing side streets and views.
    Lovely post :) xx
    Roshni’s Journey

  2. Thank you! I've always wanted to go to London.It seems like a really unique and interesting place to be.I'll add it to my travel list! xx

  3. If you like beautiful, historic places, you should come to Bath! But visit soon, before tourist season kicks off! Looking forward to seeing your shopping haul :) xx

  4. My shopping haul is now up and running! I've thought of going to Bath quite a few times,it looks so beautiful and is easy to get to from Devon :) I've got a long list of places to go haha xx

  5. Great post! I live near Exeter and love going there for the Primark and Carluccio's is amazing! :)

  6. It's a small world! I agree,it is a pretty little place and the food is normally great! x


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