Recovery // Positive meal time affirmations

This isn't a subject I have touched on yet,but thanks to the wonderful community here, I feel like I am able to talk about it.I am in recovery for Anorexia and I have been for around a year now.It has been incredibly hard and only recently have I addressed the reasons behind my disordered behavior.I would like to mention that I am fully physically recovered which I am extremely happy about after 7 years! I will do a more in depth post about this,but I know that in my experience, it is incredibly hard to make healthy choices for yourself when the media constantly bombard us with images of "perfection" and the idea that what you eat is somehow linked to your morality.

How many times do you hear people say "Oh,I shouldn't have eaten that!" or "I'm being naughty today"? If you walk down any street you're bound to hear people throw around these statements that are full of blame and guilt.It definitely doesn't encourage a healthy relationship with food and I have said these too! It seems like especially for women, we are made to feel ashamed of enjoying food.I sometimes feel like this is a type of oppression,but that's another issue!

I often like to write down positive food affirmations that I repeat inside my head to help solidify the beliefs I have learnt during recovery.In today's diet culture I think this would be really beneficial to everyone.

The ones pictured are brilliant at helping me look at things from a more logical perspective,I also like the following to keep me focused and in the right mindset.

"Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes"
"I can eat without shame"

My personal favourite is  "strength and control come from exercising my personal power in the world,not from what I eat".Once we distance ourselves from tying our self worth and emotions to food,I think that's where real changes can be made! Everyone is worthy of loving themselves and being loved by others,regardless of their weight.

Has the diet industry affected you? What positive things do you tell yourself?


  1. It is great that you feel you are able to post these things on your blog for us to read as I'm sure so many people are going through a similar situation as you, and will be able to relate to this. I have never, thank goodness, had a problem with feeling guilty about eating food, but after coming out of a four year relationship in my early 20's, I had to opposite problem. If I managed to get out of bed in the morning because of my anxieties of being alone and because of the depressive thoughts I was having, I would reward myself with food. If I made it into work, again, I would reward myself with a cake and a bar of chocolate (almost the opposite effect I suppose to anorexia?). After going up four dress sizes, my blood pressure increasing and having no energy or effort to do anything (I was out of breath walking from my desk to the toilet!), I decided I had to take action. I did so in a healthy way though by trying to focus on my happiness and rewarding myself in other ways - not with food and by trying to eat a more balanced diet, not just cutting out everything I enjoyed. Over the course of around two years, I managed to reach a healthy weight. I'd love to read and hear more about your journey with anorexia, as I don't think it's something that's talked about often enough.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  2. Thanks for sharing that with me! I'm so happy that you took the steps that you needed to to become healthier.I agree,it's definitely not talked about as much,probably because it's seen as something you should keep to yourself.Also I think people are worried about being told to "get over it",I know I still have those anxieties.Sharing things really helps me feel less alienated though, so I think I will.xx

  3. When I first read what was in the picture I thought to myself "wow these positive thoughts would be great for those suffering from an eating disorder" and then as I read the post it all made sense. Firstly, I want to congratulate you for being able to overcome this overpowering disorder! I'm double majoring in Psychology and Nutrition and for a long time I wanted to specialize in the study and treatment of eating disorders. With that said, I know (to a certain extent) how difficult it is to live and survive an eating disorder. After all, anorexia and bulimia are the hardest mental disorders to treat. Just from reading your blog I see that you're such a positive and uplifting person, and now I know that you are an extremely strong one as well. I think people are very judgemental about eating disorders which is mainly from ignorance, but I know that these disorders don't develop just from the desire to be thin- there is always a deeper aspect to these issues. On Tuesday I gave a presentation on anorexia and bulimia and I made sure to tell my audience to speak to someone they confide in if they are experiencing issues and not to be judgemental towards those who have this battle. On that same day I found out that an old friend of mine had suffered from bulimia but has made incredible progress and today I found out about you. In both cases I was shocked but then I reminded myself that you never know what's going on in someone's head, what they've been through, and what demons they're fighting. I really admire you for the courage you had to overcome this battle and to continue to overcome it everyday and for the courage you have to share your story with the world. Again, congratulations honey! I wish you the best in your journey:)

    Xoxox, Vero.

  4. Oh wow thank you so much! That actually made me cry (happy tears of course!) I completely agree,you never really know what goes on behind closed doors,it's such a shame that people are quick to judge.I'm so happy that people like you are working to help support people who struggle and help debunk the myths surrounding eating disorders.I definitely think you will make a difference in your career! Thank you so much,all of your kind words mean so much to me :) xx

  5. Beautiful words!
    I suffered with anorexia when I was entering my teenage years (many years ago). It was a very hard time for both my family and I. It brought about so much stress to my parents. I struggled with eating healthily because I saw food as my enemy and because not eating meant I had control. I love the last thing you said about control. It is so true!
    The media and my peers had a lot to do with my disorder. Young girls face so much pressure nowadays. It's really an uphill battle. I wish the media would curtail the message they are sending us. I'm so glad you are recovered and are able to share your experience openly.

  6. I'm so glad you managed to recover from your eating disorder! I agree,it is very hard when the media practically condone that behaviour.Like you said,eating disorders and many mental health problems not only impact the sufferer but their whole family.I definitely plan to write more about this,i'm very passionate about raising awareness! It seems to be getting worse as girls are getting pressured at younger ages and it's affecting males even more.I refuse to believe that it can't change though! x

  7. congratulations to you on your recovery, I wish you heaps of strength on this journey. I think a healthy, balanced diet can be such a powerful tool for any health issue that is grossly underutilized. I can't stress enough that if you eat well, you will feel good. I really like the idea of affirmations, I have a white board in my bathroom and try to always have a positive phrase. It really helps get through the tough days.
    Keep the positive energy up!

  8. Thank you very much! I've never thought to put up a whiteboard,but that's a great idea.Then it can bring some positivity to everyone who sees it.I agree that eating a well balanced diet that doesn't restrict food groups is the best way to remain healthy! xx

  9. Well done for sharing this, sweetie and congratulations on your recovery. I suffered from disordered eating from my early teens and later anorexia between the ages of 18 and 21. Even though I recovered quite quickly, the thoughts do still crop up sometimes. It's only really been through my experience of cancer that I've properly overcome it and want to focus entirely on being happy, not worrying about food, size and weight. Very best of luck for your continued recovery - it makes me so happy and proud to see other women overcoming these beasts. xx

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this with me,I'd like to say that I'm surprised to hear about how many people have issues with food, but it's so common now.You've been through so much and it's really inspiration to hear that you've come through it! It's hard to beat those negative voices inside our heads.xx


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