Recovery // Tumblr thinspo debunked

*Trigger warning for photographs & discussion of Eating Disorders/weight*

I love Tumblr as much as the next person.It's a great place to get style inspiration,read interesting stories and catch up with friends.However scroll a little further and you'll notice a few photographs that aren't all they seem.Thinspo or "thinspiration" is defined as "photographs or other material intended to provide inspiration for Anorexia as a lifestyle choice".I can't even begin to discuss how angry these make me! I think they are really toxic and do nothing to break the stereotype that eating disorders are only experienced by thin white women.Please note,I have nothing against any body type,we are all worthy of feeling pretty and special whether we are fat,thin or anything in between.The problem I have is with the media and "pro ana" supporters promoting negative self talk and diets.

Lots of these images were inspired by this (in) famous Kate Moss quote.

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This quote always makes me think.Personally when I reached my "goal weight" I didn't even care about how being skinny felt.I couldn't feel! Also I think that lots of things taste better than being skinny.Freedom from self hatred and a healthy relationship with food taste 1000x better than skinny could ever feel.

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I hate this kind of faux motivational BS.Your stomach doesn't even know what applauding is.It's very easy to lose sight of the actual science when you're faced with these so called "inspirational" images.Not only do these images shame any body type that doesn't fit this "ideal" that is generated by the media,it also shames people for feeling one of the most primal instincts,hunger.

via Tumblr
Urgh I don't even know where to start with this.I hate the ignorance that Tumblr and the media display,they seem to think that Anorexia is a diet that can be picked up and dropped as they wish.Also, drinking only Diet Cokes and coffee whilst smoking cigarettes will not turn you into a fragile little Effy Stonem clone.It will make you tired,depressed and resentful.Pretty girls are made of determination,strength and happiness!

One thing I have noticed is that pro-ana and "thinspo" messages definitely prey on the vulnerable and try to either shame them into feeling inadequate, or post motivational quotes saying that they too could be just like this! They sell dieting and weight loss as the answer to everything.Don't like yourself? Lose weight.Want that boy to notice you? Slim down.It's just another form of advertising for a lifestyle that isn't attainable,we shouldn't treat it any different to the more obvious advertising.The only difference is that thinspo is made in people's bedrooms and not boardrooms. 

To counteract all of this negativity I created my own "Anti-thinspo" photo.

 I know that people are more aware of these materials now,and they are slowly being taken down.If you do see anything that you are concerned about then I would report the content to the admins of the website.I hope this has helped put things in to perspective a little more,it's amazing how little people can think of how a few words can affect people so much.

Have you ever come across anything pro-ana related? What did you think?


  1. I think it's a great post and the problem you're discussing is a real problem. I honestly use tumblr sometimes for motivation to workout but I can see a clear difference between so-called "fitspiration" and "thinspiration". So I think it's not that everything on tumblr related to girls and their bodies is actually wrong but the "thinspiration" photos and quotes are way to unrealistic and based on an entirely wrong and unhealthy body-image. I've seen such photos and quotes about losing weight that actually frightened me.

  2. Thank you! I agree,I have seem some photos that were perfectly fine and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.I definitely think that "thinspo" takes it way too far and encourages self harm which is against the guidlines of most websites.There is some very scary material out there.xx

  3. Love this post! I love me some tumblr scrolling, but those images are appalling and I couldn't agree with you more.
    And trust me, there are many things that taste better than skinny feels - cake, chocolate, pizza, pasta, steak ... I could go on! Its sad that there are people out there wanting to push Anorexia onto young girls, shame on them. There are people dying of starvation in this world, and the Fashion industry are making famin out to be cool. Tut tut tut.
    Great photo of you though!
    x tink x

  4. I know! I'ts bad enough that they are putting themselves through this,let alone passing it on to others.Exactly,I've been rediscovering baking and I must say that tastes much better than skinny feels.Thank you very much,I'm smiling in mine which is more than can be said for "thinspo".xx

  5. I hate them all, I agree with you there. I especially hate the Coffee and Smokes one, as I hate smoking, I think it's ridiculous how you would battle with cancer and other diseases by smoking. But I agree with you on the skinny front, they are so pressuring and horrid! Xx

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  6. Exactly! Especially with the cigarettes,they're encouraging people to engage in all kinds of unhealthy behaviours.I hope that more pro-ana sites get shut down now that people are more aware.xx

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