Job hunting //How to improve your job search today

Searching through the newspaper and scouring the internet over and over again becomes second nature when you're job hunting.I'm currently in this situation and it can really give your confidence a knock,but I've been having more success recently (with some interviews on the way!).The little things can really help, so I've put together some tips that I've found have really been keeping the momentum going.

1. Don't be hard on yourself

This has been a big hurdle for me as I had to leave my job to recover from my Eating Disorder.However, whatever reason you don't have a job,please don't be hard on yourself.I know that in today's society people can often judge you on your profession,but they don't know you or your situation.You're trying to better yourself and that's great.

2.Use your resources

Networking can create great job opportunities.Talking to former colleagues or friends and family who might know of vacancies available can often result in you hearing something.How often have you heard "So and so said they were hiring at the...".Keep your wits about you and you don't know what will come up.

3. Get your C.V and covering letter checked over

The Job Centre offers work groups who will go through your CV and covering letter with you, to see where you could make improvements.They can often arrange work experience and work together with you and potential employers to secure work.I would definitely recommend these,they treat you with respect and offer you resources that you might not have realise existed.

4.Don't take rejection personally

It's easy to think there is something wrong with you when you keep getting knocked back.Accept that this is part of the process and focus on the positives you have achieved.I have found that emailing the employer requesting feedback can be really helpful in finding out how to improve your approach.

5.Be informed

Companies like to hire employees who know about the organisation and their values.Taking time to make some notes about the company and their background is very beneficial in creating a positive impression and good communication.


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I hope this help people who are in the same situation as me to not feel so alone! Just like everything, job searching can taking a little time,but with hard work we will get results.

What tips do you have for job hunters?

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