Anorexia and Me: Q&A

I've been wanting to write some more about my struggles with Anorexia,but I didn't know where to start so I thought do a little Q&A.It's a pretty intense subject but I thought it would be a great way to let you in on a little bit of my life.Just a side note, if you find the talk of weight or eating disorders triggering to any mental health problems you may have,please proceed with caution.

I chose the above picture because it was taken last August when I became fully physically recovered from Anorexia.When I restricted,I would never let myself enjoy a sunny day and I had so much fun!

How old where you when you began restricting food?

I was 14 and at Secondary school.I was a healthy weight with a BMI of about 23,but I had a school trip abroad coming up and I wanted to look my best.As other girls at school were doing the same,I thought it would be a great idea to eat a little healthier and starting cutting down my food intake.

What triggered your Eating Disorder/disordered behaviours?

I've always felt inadequate.I feel bad admitting this,but when I'd see all of the popular girls eating something "unhealthy", for a moment I would be better than them.For a moment I would feel like someone.Also,most of my family are women so the diet talk was inevitable.It seemed like my family condoned my behaviour,and they would always complement my "wonderful figure".It took me years to realise I was worth more than my appearance.The abusive relationship I was in at 16 didn't do much for my self esteem either, I felt like everyone was watching me self destruct.

Why did it spiral out of control?

I lost a little bit of weight from healthy eating, but that wasn't enough.Every time I stepped on the scale I was happy for about 0.5 seconds,and then came the plans for more weight loss,I needed to lose more.I began exercising obsessively.I remember buying an exercise bike and pedaling so fast that my legs felt like they were going to collapse underneath me.On top of that I was only eating one or maybe two tiny meals a day.I had dozens of diaries that should have been filled with memories of friends and summer holidays,but instead sums and numbers of every bite of food was carefully logged and recalculated.I never ate more than 1000 calories a day.Constant fights with my Mum over tea were becoming normal.I wasn't underweight at this point but I was suffering.It goes to show that you don't have to be underweight to feel the side effects,as I was constantly in a zombie like state and getting weaker by the day,both physically and mentally.

When did you get diagnosed with Anorexia?

The 10th of January 2013.I'll never forget that day as long as I live.My now husband begged me for weeks to go to the Doctors,by this point I was at least a stone underweight.I didn't think anything was wrong.I remember saying "It's no big deal,it's only a diet".Except I had been on a diet for 7 years.I had never realised until that day that that wasn't normal.When the Doctor confirmed I had Anorexia, I just laughed.I couldn't believe it, and I was utterly terrified at even the thought of gaining weight.

What treatment did  you receive to help you recover?

Last year I attended a 20 week course of DBT or Dialetical Behavior Therapy which is designed for people to help take control of their emotions and move towards  a more positive coping mechanism.I regularly went to the Doctors so they could monitor me and check my bloods (I hated that!) I also had to eat regularly and this was the hard part.I had some days where I'd just cry through every meal,knowing that this was the only choice I had.It did get easier as I began reaching a healthier weight,probably due to the fact that my brain could work properly!

How are you now?

I am amazing! I have been completely free from any negative behaviours since August last year! I still have horrible days,but I find much more comfort in communicating with people than I do restricting now.I'd never thought I would be able to even have one day with precisely counting every calorie.Now I eat regularly and don't cut out any food groups! Also,I don't have any more physical symptoms from my eating disorder,I practically walked out unscathed and I am incredibly lucky.The pain of recovery was completely and 100% worth it.

I often feel so sad when I think about the experiences I've missed out on because of my disorder.I have accepted that I'm allowed to grieve that time,but I have the power to decide what my future is going to be.

I definitely think people would find it easier to start recovery if society didn't have the wrong preconceptions about mental health and eating disorders.

Anorexics aren't vain or stupid and bulimics aren't lazy or greedy.Eating disorders in all their forms aren't just black and white,but various shades of grey.People who are suffering need building up and supporting not mocking and belittling.

If you have any more questions,feel free to ask. I know it's a tough subject,but it's experienced by so many people that I'd love to be able to help.Obviously,if you are concerned about yourself of someone else,then I would advise seeking medical advice from your GP.I'm going to be writing more about Mental health on here,so watch this space!

What topics would you like to discuss with me next?


  1. very brave of you to be so honest, glad you have recovered and are happy :)

  2. Really brave of you to open up about this.
    A huge well done for getting so very very far!
    Now to look to your amazing future :)


  3. Thank you for opening up about this subject. Many young girls need to be taught how badly an eating disorder can affect them.

  4. Thank you all so much :) I agree,much more education needs to be given to children about the dangers of eating disorders and how to be more accepting of different body shapes & sizes.xx

  5. Congratulations on your journey so far. It must have been very hard to talk about this. x x
    Just Me Leah

  6. Thank you! It's pretty tough but I'm happy to be at the stage where I can share my feelings.xx

  7. Such a brave post, but I am sure you'll help so many by sharing this. It still seems like such a taboo issue, so hopefully that will change and people will see anorexia as an illness, not a lifestyle choice.

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. You're blog is so pretty, so I have nominated you for a liebster award! you can read more about it here, since i was nominated-- www.hello-dreamer.com :)

    i hope to read your responses soon!

  9. Wow thank you so much for all of your lovely responses! I too really hope for a time when the world becomes more educated about mental health :) xx

  10. What a great post - so so brave of you. Hopefully will help others to realise more about it :) xx

  11. Thank you! I hope so,I think the media will begin to realise what having an eating disorder really means too.xx

  12. Thank you so much for your honesty and congratulations on being healthier and happier now.
    I so admire you for talking about a very difficult (and intensely personal) subject so openly!
    M x Life Outside London

  13. I think I've got to the point where I've moved on more and can talk about it now,that took a few years! Talking openly can only do good though I'm sure.Thank you so much for being so kind! x

  14. Well Done for being so brave, posting this and on your recovery! Xx

  15. Thank you so much! Every on has been so lovely and supportive.xx

  16. I wish that everyone would stop looking so negatively at eating disorders too. They start for so many different reasons and rarely for the ones that people accuse them of. When you do that, you just hurt them worse. Really, what anyone in any situation like this is just someone to be there. To accept them. Help them along and be there during the struggle.

    Personally, I've never been anorexic. I half had an eating disorder start about two years ago, but the thing was? I didn't even know that I was doing it. It really wasn't until a friend of mine made me tell her my weight that I found out that I was underweight. People had been telling me for months that I was losing weight, but I didn't see it. In my mind, I was eating just as much as everyone else. It's been a long and hard struggle to figure out how to eat enough again and sometimes I fall back and lose weight again, but I'm happy to know why now. I've dealt with some other physical issues for years and with the help of my family I've come to realize that my weight loss has come from an appetite reduction coming from a medical issue.

    But when my friend pointed out my being underweight to me? I thought I was anorexic for months and that really only made things worse. I'm so glad that you've been doing well for so long! You can keep it up! And thank you for this post. While I don't have an "eating disorder" per se, I have known someone with one, and you've said everything that people need to know. It's not always for the reasons people think.

  17. Wow thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thought provoking post :).People can be very ignorant about Eating Disorders, and I think that is partly due to the influence from the media who condone constant dieting and self hatred.The part where you talk about just wanting somebody there really resonates with me! Sometimes you don't want people to offer advice but just be there and know that they are supporting you.It's great that you have been taking control of your recovery and I wish you all the best! xx


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