Prep your skin for spring // Red Fox Tub-O-Butter review

I've been looking for a product that will get rid of dry patches of skin without creating irritation or being too strongly scented.The one place I always have a look around is Amazon,there never fails to be something there for everyone.I came across this interesting looking tub with the even more interesting name of "Tub-O-Butter".Although it doesn't sound very appealing,it claims to have so many benefits from keeping you looking young to preventing dryness,and all for £2.49! I thought was very reasonable considering the amount you get.

£2.49 from Amazon (free P&P)

I must admit the packaging doesn't really do much for me.I think I've seen these colours before on my Nan's curtains back in the '70s,but it's easy to read and I do like their no fuss approach.Apparently this product is from Georgia in the USA, so I'm hoping for something a little different to what we get over here.Foreign beauty products are always so fun to use,they seem more more innovative. 

It has a very thick Vaseline type texture,which is great as not much of the product is needed.I'm hoping this is very economical as I'm forever buying moisturisers.It has a very faint scent of cocoa butter which is just enough that you can smell it on the skin,without it overpowering any perfume.I tried some this morning and I must say,this stuff is amazing! A thin layer is all that's needed to give my skin all it needs and it has left my problem areas free from irritation and dryness.It takes a little while to sink in,but it is definitely worth it to feel the benefits that it gives.

I was really impressed by all of the uses this lotion has,I've used it to moisturise my cuticles and it's left my nails feeling really nourished and smooth.Also,it contains lots of natural ingredients like pure cocoa butter and lanolin which is great if you're trying to be more wary of what you're putting on your skin.I'm definitely going to buy this again!

Have you bought any great products from Amazon recently?


  1. I love cocoa butter products and often get dry skin so this sounds great!
    Just discovered your blog today, it's lovley! You have a new follower :)



  2. Thank you very much! I agree,cocoa butter is great for dry skin,especially on the elbows and knees :) xx


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